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Eduardo Vega Colon posing in front of Forever Bicycles in Austin Texas

Eduardo Vega Colon

Boudoir Photographer From Brooklyn, New York
Now Based In Houston, Texas

I am a photographer for everyday women like you. I made boudoir my focus in 2013 because it is an area of photography where I knew my vision would make a difference in the lives of the women I would meet.

Since then, I've moved to Houston, Texas and now travel throughout Texas, and the United States, creating portraits for women who are inspired by how I see the world.


boudoir picture of young woman wearing black lingerie standing in silhouette in the greenhouse at the sekrit theater in austin


It's for you!

You at this moment; as you are. No better way to express the love you would have for yourself than accepting you are perfect the way you are, at this moment!

Products start at $525 and are sold separately

Roses and Rosé Event Led by Houston Boudoir Photographer, Eduardo Vega Colon

Bridal Boudoir Photography Workshop




I'm based in Houston, TX, and available in every major city in Texas as well as in my hometown of Brooklyn, New York, and Los Angeles, California.

In addition, I am available for destination boudoir sessions.

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