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      About Boudoir by Eduardo

      I’m Eduardo Vega Colon and I am a boudoir photographer based in Houston, Texas.

      Self portrait of Eduardo Vega Colón, aka Karma of Dove, professional photographer in Brooklyn Bridge Park with the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan Skyline in the background.
      Self portrait taken by Eduardo Vega Colon, aka, Karma of Dove, for the Art of Self Portraiture.

      It what seems like another life, I lived in New York City for most of my life, served in the Persian Gulf War, and was consultant based on Wall Street until 9/11. For years after that I held to what I used to be until I no longer recognized myself. An old friend reminded me I was an artist before I was all those things – before and after my military service I carried my Nikon FM2 camera everywhere I went until I had placed it away and forgotten it during those years I was focused on climbing the corporate ladder.

      She reminded me I needed to let go…


      The time for identifying myself as a disabled veteran of the first Gulf War has passed.

      The time for identifying myself as a man who used to be a technology consultant has passed.

      The time for identifying myself as someone who survived and struggled in the aftermath of 9/11 has passed.

      One World Trade Center as seen from Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, New York City.
      From that spot in Washington Square Park I remember the Twin Towers, how it once stood and now it’s where One World Trade now stands.
      The one thought crossing my mind as I took photos that night.
      “There is no perfection only life.”
      — Milan Kundera
      It goes on.

      I am my experience but not my pain. I am not a victim.

      I was reminded I’d been given a second chance at life and I should make the most of it.

      It is why I made a return to photography.

      I moved away from New York City in 2015 and relaunched my studio in Houston in 2017.

      I am available to photograph anyone who is in need of a reminder of the person that they are, not what they’ve been made to feel. The universe had given me my sign and I am whole again because of it. I am here now to use my vision to help others feel the same.

      It is why I have made boudoir my focus – many of the women I photograph have survived something, like me, and in having their pictures taken they are reaffirming who they are.

      Knowing my work empowers others adds meaning to my life which is all I want going forward.

      A sense of meaning.

      Feel me to contact me.

      – Eduardo

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