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      August 13, 2019

      8 Reasons Why You Should Do a Boudoir Shoot


      Why should I have a boudoir session? Here are 8 reasons why, in my experience, every woman needs a boudoir photo shoot.

      I have written about the experience of my first boudoir photo shoot and how it helped my friend see herself differently than what she’d been made to feel about herself. It gave her the strength she needed to move on with life. Since then, I’ve worked with women and have seen how a boudoir photo shoot has changed their lives. In my experience, here are 8 reasons why every woman needs a boudoir photo shoot.

      1. You’re Getting Married!

      young woman in white wedding gown lingerie with red flowers on white sheet bed

      First off, congratulations! Getting married is the most common reason to have a boudoir photo shoot and why not? Boudoir pictures presented in a beautiful album to your future husband or wife represents the perfect wedding gift. The two of you can go through the keepsake photo album together and fondly remember all the moments that led to your partner falling in love with you. It is the reason why boudoir shoots are a part of an overall wedding photography package.

      2. You’ve Met Your Fitness Goals.


      lingerie boudoir picture of woman with tattoos posing seductive while resting on her belly on a bed covered in white sheets with natural light behind her


      Much like the way a bride would gift a boudoir album to her partner on her wedding day so to many women want to gift themselves boudoir pictures when they meet a fitness goal they’ve worked hard to meet. You can through your boudoir pictures at any time and see proof not only did you meet your goals but also exceeded your expectations with seeing just how amazing you look.

      3. Embrace Your Curves

      Plus size boudoir photo shoot for a BBW model in Brooklyn Bridge Park in NYC with Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan Skyline in background
      Stacy Kincy of Houston, Texas celebrating her birthday by visiting NYC and hanging out at DUMBO in Brooklyn.

      It’s important to show your body and its curves all the love you can give. A boudoir photo shoot is a healthy way of affirming this love and expressing a body positive attitude that we can be healthy at every size. That means you don’t need to wait until you’ve lost weight for a boudoir photo shoot.

      4. You Made it Through

      Young woman looking pensive in a hotel room during boudoir photo shoot with focus on body positivity where she's confronting triggers behind eating disorder.
      Boudoir photo shoot with Alicia, celebrating her victory over an eating disorder.

      Life throws everyone challenges. Then some challenges test our will and our spirits. Those challenges could include battling an illness or a disease, dealing with toxic people and being in toxic relationships. I know from experience that when you’re in it you don’t feel like you’re much of anything, let alone anything worthwhile. But, you made it through.

      5. A Boudoir Photo Shoot Will Empower You!

      Body positive boudoir photography in Austin, Texas with woman resting on a bed of Cheetos and eating a cupcake. Victory!

      You will continue to make it through. It’s amazing what pictures from a boudoir session can do to remind you of who you are and that person above all else is strong. Strong IS beautiful – show the strong woman you are how much you love the spirit that pulled you through those dark times.

      6. You’re in a New Relationship!

      And that is with yourself.

      nude blonde woman with velvet red robe wrapped around her waist looking up at the sunset sky with the golden hour light shining bright behind her, through tree branches in a forest

      Expressing love for yourself is important, especially after ending a relationship. A boudoir photo shoot is a perfect opportunity to make a reintroduction to the woman you still are. The one that is in need of no one else. You will feel assured so as long as you have you, you’ll never feel without.

      7. Pamper Yourself

      Boudoir photography photo shoot at the Driskill Hotel in Austin Texas with young woman posing seductively on a bed among white sheets in implied nudity.
      Adrianna of Austin, Texas, taking part in her first boudoir session at the historic Driskill in downtown Austin. In this photo shoot is laughing from the amount of fun she’s having.

      Showing yourself some love involves making time in your time to take care of your needs, your desires. A boudoir photo shoot is a perfect opportunity to get tended to by hair and makeup artists. That way, when you finally get in front of the camera you’ll feel sexy, glamorous, and most of all, you’ll feel comfortable.

      So, treat yourself to a Queen for a Day experience and enjoy!

      8. Because You’re Sexy and You Know it.

      I have a friend who is in her 40s and is a working model. Her reasons for going for it in her 40s is because she could.

      Boudoir Photography Houston - Woman posing in boudoir in an abandoned bus at Sekrit Theater in Austin
      Boudoir Photography at Sekrit Theater in Austin.

      Out of all the reasons to have a boudoir photo shoot, the most important reason is that you could, as you are, at this moment. It’s a great way to celebrate yourself! My friend did not allow for anything to discourage her from doing what made her happy and neither should you.

      A boudoir photo shoot is no time for humility, Flex!

      Boudoir photography photo shoot at the Driskill Hotel in Austin Texas with young woman posing seductively on a bed among white sheets in implied nudity.

      You are beautiful as you are and are ready to go for it.

      There you have it. 8 reasons why, in my experience, every woman needs a boudoir photo shoot.

      Yes, I do mean need. I wrote about how the definition of boudoir is a woman’s private dressing room, where she can retreat and be alone and reconnect with herself. The 8 reasons I provide all emphasize the importance of reconnecting with yourself. Boudoir photographers are adept at this.

      When you’re ready to take that first step I will be here, along with my female assistants, to help you along with your journey. I am based in Houston and conduct boudoir sessions in luxurious hotel rooms and Airbnbs in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas. I also conduct boudoir sessions in Los Angeles, California and my hometown of New York City.



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