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What is Implied Nude in Boudoir Photography?

It’s a question asked by women whenever expressing an interest in having a boudoir photo shoot. Do I have to be completely nude? The answer is no. Boudoir photography has nothing to do with nudity but more so about having you being able to express however way, your sensuality. What is implied nude

The Right Way To Create Implied Nude Photographs

The correct way focuses on the artistic expression of sensuality

If your idea of expressing your sensuality has you wanting to use light and angles to emphasize your figure, that is implied nude photography.

Nude Boudoir Photography

Implied Nude Boudoir

If it means using shadows and darkness to express your sensuality, that is also implied nude photography.

Implied Nude Photography

Implied Nude Boudoir

You will know your photographs would have been done right is when you look at your set, and you get the sense your sensuality came through without you feeling as if you’d been captured naked. You will feel as if your photographs are art.

It makes sense when you consider the wrong way to do implied nude photos.

The Wrong Way To Create Implied Nude Photographs

The wrong way involves full or partial nudity that doesn’t make use of any available lighting and shadows or angles. It also goes out of its way to be explicit, to the point of sleaziness. Your instincts will tell you pictures like that are not art. There would be nothing sensual about it.

Boudoir with a Fine Art Approach

The artistic expression of sensuality is the key to an excellent boudoir picture that makes use of implied nudity.

An excellent boudoir photograph will engage the imagination and the senses while at the same time, it would strike you as undoubtedly tasteful.



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