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Implied Nude Boudoir

September 17, 2019

Many inquiries I receive include the question, “do I have to get naked?” The question is often followed up by the statement, “I don’t want to be nude.” The beautiful thing about boudoir photography is how flexible an approach to a session can be. It can range from photo shoots with a focus on glamour to implied nude boudoir with fine art in mind.

What Is Not Implied Nude Boudoir

Anything that shows full nudity, especially private parts, did not come from an implied nude photo shoot. Also, anything that places an excessive amount of focus on the body while not making use of angles or available light and shadows to conceal. If you ever look at a photograph that purports to be implied nude boudoir, but something feels off about it, chances are your instincts are correct.

In my opinion, it’s instinctual being able to tell the difference between what is tasteful and what is sleazy.

A great photograph with implied nudity will look like fine art.

Every Photographer Approaches Implied Nude Photography According to Their Artistic Vision

There’s no single correct way – just the way, so as long you receive pictures that your instincts will tell you, “this is art.”

Implied nudes with a blonde woman with velvet red robe wrapped around her waist looking up at the sunset sky with the golden hour light shining bright behind her, through tree branches in a forest

During implied photo shoots, the photographer will make a great effort to use of light and shadows.

Nude woman showing off her butt while laying on a bed and glancing over her shoulder.

The photographer will also make use of poses and angles. All so that when looking at your photograph, you’d see the truth, that less is more.

Implied Nudes at a boudoir photo shoot at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas with young woman posing seductively on a bed among white sheets in implied nudity.

An excellent boudoir photograph will engage the imagination while at the same time, it would strike you as undoubtedly tasteful.


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