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Nude Boudoir Photography in Austin

In my experience, there are three types of boudoir photoshoots.

The first focuses on glamour photography and is an option for women who want to remain within their comfort zone.

The second makes use of implied nude photography, an opportunity for women who wish to explore the boundaries of their comfort zone. Then we have the third: nude boudoir photography.

Women who choose to have this type of photo session do so because they want to redefine their boundaries to accommodate a new attitude towards life. They don’t care what other people may say because they’ve learned not to place the responsibility for their happiness on anyone other than themselves.

When I think of this type of confidence, I think of Lesley. She has made nude modeling a second career in her 40s.

The Why's

I met Lesley when I was new to Texas. At the time, she was a voice actress who was looking for a photographer to help establish her portfolio as a nude model.

It was because she was in her 40s that she felt it was the time to pursue her desires while she was still in good health. To not pursue her passion would be something she would regret later in life.

No Regrets!

It’s an epiphany most of us experience at some point in our 40s and leaves us questioning how we are spending our lives and who we are living for.

That epiphany could be triggered by a health scare or a traumatic life event, such as a breakup or a loss of a loved one. In those moments, we may be confronted with the realization regret is a greater fear than genuinely living your life on your terms, doing what pleases you.

For many women, quite possibly like you, they’ve been told they shouldn’t explore what it is to feel sensual, much less express it.

Not Lesley; she didn’t allow the fact that she’s over the age of 40 years old to stop her from expressing her sensuality through nude modeling. She views her body as art. It was something she’d always wanted to do.

Look to Lesley and be reminded: you should also be doing what makes you happy, with what you have, while you can.

Our first boudoir photoshoot took place at Sekrit Theater.

The second was on the outskirts of Austin.

We had our outdoor photo shoot in a clearing of a wooded area that made use of the light of the golden hour.


Lesley and I will be glad to share the rest of our gallery, including her nude boudoir photographs, when you share with us an email address we can use to link you to a private gallery.

This way the nude photographs we created together are viewed by the intended audience, namely the women we both hope to inspire with our work and also to keep these photographs from being indexed by search engines, like Google.

This is very important to us at Boudoir by Eduardo. It’s one of the reasons why we don’t share most client sessions.


What's Next?

Lesley and I are planning on having one more nude boudoir photo shoot soon either in the area around Marfa, Texas, or at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. At either location, we plan on making use of Golden Hour light as well as the night sky to create fine art boudoir photography.

Something she could look back years from now and say, “I’m glad I allowed myself to shine as bright as I did in these pictures.”