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      July 31, 2019

      What is Boudoir Photography?


      What is the definition of boudoir photography and how a boudoir photo shoot functions as a metaphorical private sitting room for women?

      Many times, when I am approached for a boudoir photo shoot I’m asked, “Do I have to get naked?” The answer is always NO! Boudoir photography has nothing to do with getting naked. If it’s not that, then, what is boudoir photography?

      What is the Definition of Boudoir?

      In simple terms, it refers to a woman’s private sitting room. Essentially, her dressing room.

      Elegant brunette lady in the stylish interior


      It is where she can be alone, relax, and be herself. It is where she can undress into something more comfortable for her.

      A private sitting room is also where she can prepare to face the world. It is in that private moment I imagine her mind is at rest as she’s at a boudoir table, applying makeup. Once done she would be feel assured of her beauty and ready to leave the room and face the world again.

      The Room

      Boudoir shoots are all about creating a sense of retreating to this private room. In this metaphorical room, you would dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable. You can relax and use your private moment to reconnect with yourself. During a session, boudoir photographers help many women come to an understanding in this reconnect.

      Boudoir Photography is Empowering

      They understand they are sensual. They connect to a desire to be desired, for who they are, as they are.

      That’s good! It’s a sign of falling in love with yourself. If you already love yourself a boudoir session becomes an affirmation.

      Empowerment and affirmation are at the heart of boudoir photography. You would be able to reconnect to this feeling without getting naked. It’s whatever would make you feel comfortable.

      Some women feel comfortable wearing their favorite dress. Other’s their favorite lingerie. Whatever your approach it’s all about your journey.

      Taking Shelter

      We all need that metaphorical private sitting room. A place where we can shut out the world and be ourselves. How awesome would it be to take a break from the pace and noise of your busy life and go into that room? Where you can sit at that boudoir table and take care and focus on only yourself?

      Where you are not bombarded with all these messages that if you had this or lost some more of that you would be happy.


      Focus on what makes YOU feel sensual as you are and tend to that part of your self that wants to be desired.

      Doing Something Different

      Devote some time to get to that room. Treat yourself to hair and makeup, and feel glamorous. Go to a location that’s unlike anything that’s part of your regular day.

      I don’t have a studio. I prefer to work out of luxurious hotel rooms.

      Young woman in lingerie standing in front of ornate mirror

      I’m all about providing an experience and taking you on a journey to yourself, where, you get in front of the camera and, as your pictures are taken, you can connect with yourself. You can relax and feel comfortable by being yourself.

      Once you see your pictures you will feel assured that there’s nothing you need in this world that you don’t already have of yourself.

      You will always have you.

      You will feel ready to face the world again.



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