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Boudoir Photography NYC with Stacy

Boudoir NYC

Meet Stacy

I had the opportunity to photograph Stacy for her birthday at the Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, otherwise known as DUMBO, in Brooklyn.

Stacy is an Iraq War veteran who served as a medic, in-country, at the height of the conflict. Since leaving the military, she’s gone on to become a registered nurse. She has taken to modeling later in life because, as she’s grown older and wiser, Stacy has developed more confidence in herself to pursue the things she’s always wanted to do.

The honor was mine in meeting her, many years ago, at a networking event in Austin, Texas, and it was my pleasure to work with my friend on this outdoor boudoir photo shoot, where we focused on her beauty and glamour.

Here are a few photographs from our photo shoot.

Boudoir Photography NYC

Thank You Stacy

for making me part of your journey and your birthday celebration.

It’s something that’s not readily spoken but as someone who was once deployed, like Stacy, we take every opportunity to not only observe our birthdays but also our Alive Days.

You do not need to be a combat veteran to know what it’s like to have stared down death and come away still alive. You, like me, may have faced cancer or other illnesses. You, like me, may have PTSD, but the source of your PTSD comes from having endured a really difficult and trying relationship.

We are warriors, and it is women, like you and Stacy that I enjoy most photographing.

If you don’t believe you’re a warrior, allow me the opportunity to show you how much of a warrior you are! When you see, you will believe.

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