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July 14, 2019

Beauty and Glamour Photography in Houston Texas


Beauty and Glamour photography in Houston, as an alternative to boudoir photography that helps you stay within your comfort zone.

For The Woman Who Wants to Start Within Her Comfort Zone

I offer beauty and glamour photography as an alternative to boudoir pictures.

Model posing for a headshot and portrait photoshoot in front of a tree, in the woods at Balcones District Park in Austin, Texas

I am Eduardo Vega Colon, and I’m a boudoir photographer based in Houston, Texas. I know you’ve heard it before. I am sure it’s something friends and family tell you all the time.

That you are beautiful!

However, you’re not feeling beautiful.

You’re also not feeling the idea of having a boudoir photo shoot just to be able to see it for yourself. You don’t like the idea of getting anywhere near naked.

That’s understandable. Boudoir photography doesn’t require nudity of any kind, just for you to feel comfortable.

Glamour photographs are a fantastic alternative to boudoir photography. It’s a genre of photography that allows me to approach a photography session like the many fashion shoots I’ve done in the past

My approach to glamour shots borrows heavily from fashion photography. It also borrows from portrait photography.

Young woman with high cheek bones posing seductively for a glamour photo shoot in Austin, TX
Ciarra • Instagram @ciarra.labruja

Whatever the approach the goal of a photo shoot would be to make you feel like one of the many glamour models I have work with in the past.

A glamour shoot would make use of either natural light or the many flashes that I have at my disposal.

Black Girl Magic with African American woman resting on a bed of bluebonnet flowers.
Jovie Beck in a bluebonnet photo shoot inspired by Alan Watts book, Nature, Man and Woman.

The Point Is

Glamour photography is an ideal way of starting from within your comfort zone. You may even discover a portrait session, with a focus on glamour, is all you’ve ever needed to reaffirm, for yourself, just how amazing you are.

Model posing for a headshot and portrait photoshoot in front of a tree, in the woods at Balcones District Park in Austin, Texas

Would You Like to Learn More About My Work?

Young woman standing along Congress Avenue in Austin Texas for Glamour Photography photo shoot. Paramount Theatre marquee in the backdrop.
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young woman portrait while wearing a tube top showing shoulders for glamour photography in austin texas

Would you like a photo shoot?
I am a destination boudoir photographer

Based in Houston, Texas

In addition to being available in the Houston metropolitan area, I am also available for photo shoots in every other major city in Texas as well as Brooklyn, New York (my hometown) and Los Angeles, California.

I love to travel.

Send me a message. I would love for us to chat!

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